For the love of culture, for the love of art and beautiful architecture, for simply the best vacation you could ever wish for, visit Barcelona for the experience. This old city has a thing about it that makes you just want to stay there and experience every moment you can. From the lovely people who are very accommodating to the visitors, to their culture that is just outstanding, this is the place to be.

Places To Visit

It is a common tradition in Spain to have lunch twice and the Barcelonians are not exceptional. To fit into the culture, you know what to do. You could start with a fruit when you wake up then after a few hours, get a sandwich. Lunch is normally taken late in this place.

After lunch, you could take a walk in one of the most famous streets in the city, the La Rambla. This street has almost all kinds of people and as such, a stroll is the best way to take in the whole experience.

Finally, the Font màgica de Montjuïc, otherwise known as the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. It is magical because of the many beautiful lights and shapes it forms as it does its dance to the tunes of music. After a long day of travel, walking around and taking pictures of every place you have visited, the fountain is the best place to go to enjoy the sunset and then following night sky.


After a whole day of taking in a lot of new things, there is no better way to rest than a place that does not take you away from all the fun; just around town, where you can still walk to your balcony in case, you cannot sleep and just breathe in the town. Online booking for accommodation is more advisable to avoid having to sleep on the streets and it all ranges from €15 per night and could go up to €250.