If you have always had a love for journey, adventure and experiencing something new out of your comfort zone, then plan a trip to Barcelona. Barcelona is a fun place to be in with a lot of modern structures and recreational spots, and it also offers great historical value. As you walk around this city, you will get to interact with many people of diverse, inspiring cultures, and you will also get to enjoy breathtaking sights.

Attraction Spots

One of the things many people do not know is that when traveling on foot or on a bike, you get to experience a lot more of a place than if you were to drive through it. When in Barcelona, there are bicycle touring rides where the tourists get to tour the majestic buildings in this place. It is a half a day tour where you can choose whatever time works for you between morning and afternoon. All the accessories are provided for this tour and you even have a commentary to guide you through the city. All of this can be booked online.

If you are an art-lover, then you have to visit the Museu Picasso, a gallery that contains Picasso’s works. He was one of the legends of art in his time and he grew up in Barcelona, so you also get to visit his home and see where he would eat and the whole gist. These are just a few of the great things this city has to offer.


There are some great hotels for tourists to stay at while touring this place and most of these have been built around the city or in it, so the feeling of this place does not go far away from you, one great example is a two-bedroom apartment in the gothic quarter priced at £86 per night. This is one of the many holiday apartments in this region. These are best booked online, prior to your journey or you could even just go and physically book from there.