There are a couple of places in Europe, where you can stay for weeks and never get bored of it. Spain’s capital Barcelona is one such destination that is worth every second of your time. This riveting city caters to all tastes and caliber of travelers with some recreational cash to spare. These include party lovers, art fanatics, sports enthusiasts, Roman history fans and food devotees.

Sandwiched between a breathtaking mountain range and a panoramic Mediterranean with Gaudi structures to boot, this vibrant city is simply bewitching. With innumerable hidden treasures, caressing beaches, pulsating night life and boundless shopping options –Barcelona is just the place to be if you need to kick back, relax, and rejuvenate.

One captivating aspect of this gorgeous city is its advanced hospitality industry. Some of the best hotels in the world are to be found in this cosmopolitan Spanish capital. These reasonably priced jewels include the Alma Barcelona, the Mandarin Oriental, the Serras, the Majestic Hotel & Spa and of course the amazing B Hotel.

The uptown Alma Barcelona is definitely a businessman’s paradise. Situated barely 20 minutes outside the city Centre, one can access almost all amenities even during late hours. From round the clock shopping to wining and dining around the city, this hotel offers the perfect setting in Barcelona. Its ambiance is equally striking. With high ceilings punctuated with designer lamps and spacious rooms overlooking luxuriant gardens, a stay here is a soothing and relaxing experience of a life time.

Ranking high amongst the best hotels in Barcelona is the magnificent Mandarin Oriental Barcelona. Those who appreciate style and class will be home and dry at this hotel. With brightly lit rooms and first-rate staff at your beck and call, Mandarin will pamper and satiate your recreational cravings like never before. This hotel has got an inviting terrace and a roof top pool for those who’d like to splash the day’s fatigue away before tucking away in verdant beddings available.

Feel free to sample the terrific eating and drinking options in the many other enticing facilities around Barcelona.