If you are planning to travel around Europe, Barcelona should be one of the first cities to visit on your itinerary. This is one of the most beautiful towns of the world where one would almost think that everyone in it is a tourist, no locals. It’s all a big attraction site. Almost every part of it beckons for you to visit. Even the people are an attraction simply because of the how much they have upheld their culture, especially the clothing and to some extent even the language.


As you walk along the La Rambla, you get to meet different people doing what they know best. From the great artists with works to die for, Barcelonan newsstands, shops with historical artifacts and even flower stalls with really beautiful flowers. You end your stroll here at the monument of Columbus. This is just a few of the gems what makes this street famous.

It would be a shame if you visited Barcelona and then not go to the Carmel Bunkers. This is the place that offers the best view of the city. Just being here overlooking the whole place is an experience that could take you a lifetime, so to say.

The Bellesguard tower, another work by Gaudi but not quite famous rest in the same spot the last king of the House of Barcelona had built his residence back in 1409. It is open for public viewing and being Gaudi’s work, you know it is worth it.


Almost every holiday apartment in this place has free wifi so that is a plus for tourists from places where wifi is a problem. Listed below are some of the many places you could get accommodation:

  • Salles Hotel Pere IV
  • Expo Hotel Barcelona
  • Vincci Bit
  • Catalonia Atenas

All these places are some of the best places to stay at while in Barcelona with their prices ranging from €80 up to €160.