Barcelona is a trailblazer in terms of having premier holiday destinations and hosting world class convention centres. This has made the city attract hordes of tourists and business travelers in the millions every year. The visitor profile represents a tapestry of different nationalities from all over the world.

Besides the energetic commercial end of things, this city also prides itself on possessing a vibrant entertainment scene. These include night clubs, delectable restaurants, movie theatres and exciting casinos spread across the Catalonian city.

The casino industry is well developed with some state of the art gaming venues rivaling European bests. These are mostly housed in five-star hotels with exclusive wings dedicated for gambling aficionados. Some of the leading hotels that are world renowned for their up-to-date equipment include Casino Barcelona and the Tarragona Casino.

At the exquisite Casino Barcelona, there are well-designated rooms separating inexperienced players from the gambling veterans. Serious gamblers are accommodated downstairs in the main room with the rest having to move up. Littered around the rooms are sophisticated roulette tables punctuated with slot machines.

Moreover, the casino management runs an impeccable restaurant service in the adjoining area. The eatery serves fairly priced delectable menus with exotic drinks as per prevailing international rates. The staff is quite courteous and professional and deployed round the clock.

Although tank tops and singles are prohibited and a strict requirement to produce an ID before gaining entry is enforced, Casino Barcelona still remains a gamblers paradise.

Another superb choice for casino enthusiasts is the Tarragona Casino situated close to the Roman amphitheater. This establishment is favored for having a very accommodating opening and closing times.

Tarragona has got something for everyone, whether you are traditional or modern day game lover. These include American Roulette, Poker, Dealer’s Choice, I-Table, Blackjack, Texas Hold’em and Roulette electronic seats.

At their All in One restaurant, you will be spoilt for choice as some mouth watering delicacies will be served intimately. There are burgers, tapas, course sangria and myriads of assorted snacks to ensure you are well fed for the duration of your stay.